Break it Down

 Maciag x Rageroom


Who Is Rage room

The Rage Room, dreamed up by Adam Bodor for the Aarhus Soup Project, offers a simple but powerful way to cope with life’s pressures. Imagine a space where it’s okay to feel overwhelmed, where you can just let it out by breaking things.

It’s not fancy or complicated—it’s just real. In this room, emotions are welcome, whether it’s anger, frustration, or plain old stress. The act of smashing objects becomes a down-to-earth therapy, reminding us that it’s okay to fall apart sometimes, and that there’s strength in embracing our vulnerabilities. It’s a space where you can find solace in the midst of life’s chaos.

The Assignment

In this project, my role was straightforward: I was the main Shooter and the person responsible for setting up the lights. I also played a part in shaping the overall direction of the project. Our objective was clear—to craft a compelling presentation video and gather content for our content bank.

To achieve our goal, we secured a room that we could transform into what resembled a real rage room. Our task was to break a significant amount of items, so we made sure our camera equipment was well-protected with safety gear. It was a hands-on experience, practical and grounded, where our main focus was on capturing authentic moments and creating engaging visuals for our project.

Afspil video


In the end we create a hero piece for the for project, a presentation video and content bank of clips and photo that could be used in the future

A Small Photo Selection