Maciag x Nipnap


Who Is Nipnap

NipNap is a Danish start-up company founded in August 2018 by a student with a great passion for chips and sustainability. NipNap was established in response to a demand for utensils for chips, where spoons, forks, and chopsticks would not be suitable. Additionally, NipNap fulfills the desire to make it easier, more enjoyable, and more delicious to eat chips and other snacks.

The Assignment

NipNap had plans to launch their latest product, Nipnup, a compact version of their original utensil designed for display on store shelves. Simultaneously, they aimed to create diverse content showcasing both the new product and their older versions with various snacks.

To achieve this project, we selected Flamingo Studios in Kolding as the location. Our goal was to capture vibrant and minimalist photos, employing different backdrops and maintaining high-key lighting. The objective was to generate content not only for the newly launched product but also for their existing product line. Additionally, we curated specific shots featuring Easter-themed snacks, including chocolate eggs, enhancing the overall appeal of NipNap’s offerings.



The end result served as a packshot for a new product that NipNap was launching, featuring photos of the new product alongside various snacks to demonstrate its versatility.

A Small Selection