In Motion

 Maciag x Dresse daFree 

Dresse sitting on a bean over me

Who Is Dresse

Meet Andreas Møllevang, also know as Dresse, a young and talented parkour athlete with over 10 years of experience. His passion for parkour runs deep, and he lives and breathes the Parkour. Dresse has earned recognition as a representative of Parkour Freerunning World, showcasing his skills and dedication to the community.

Not only does Dresse excel in his own practice, but he also shares his knowledge and skills as a mentor. He trains and guides a team of young athletes, passing on his expertise and inspiring the next generation of parkour enthusiasts.

What sets Dresse apart is his infectious humor and down-to-earth personality. He brings a playful and silly vibe to the parkour community, making it more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. His style combines seamless flow with high-level and technical challenges, showcasing his unique approach to parkour as a lifestyle rather than just a sport.

The Assignment

Over the past several months, I’ve been catching up with my friend Dress on and off after he bounced back from his surgery. 

We’ve been meeting to create more content together. This collaboration isn’t just about honing my skills in working with athletes, but also about experimenting with fresh ideas and concepts. It’s been a fantastic journey, exploring different creative avenues and pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve together.


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