Smokey Joe

 Maciag x Flip the burger


Who Is Flip the Burger

Flip the Burger stands as Kolding’s top burger destination, committed to creating the most exquisite burgers in town. Their goal is straightforward: to offer customers an unmatched experience characterized by exceptional service and a personal connection.

Owner Kris takes it a step further by memorizing every customer’s order, allowing him to start preparing it before they even have to ask. This personalized approach adds a unique charm to every visit. And when it comes to favorites, the Big Flip burger takes the crown.

The Assignment

This was actually a fairly new project for me. It was the first video produced exclusively in the studio, focusing on showcasing a food product. Mine client was ‘Flip the Burger,’ a local burger restaurant here in Kolding. The purpose of the project was to create catchy social media videos they could use to generate interest in their brand. We also needed a few pictures for their marketing.

Overall, we produced one hero video, meant to stand alone. From it, we could use some of the shots for individual video clips where they could add text or similar elements.

Since I hadn’t really shot a product video for food before, I developed a basic shot list that I wanted to capture. One of the shots I wanted in the video was where the burger patty is flipped, hence the name ‘Flip the Burger.’

Afspil video


Ultimately, we crafted a concise burger building video inspired by classic burger commercials. The video highlighted each ingredient, adding a unique touch with its dark and moody background.