Danish hills

 Maciag x Roc Jimenez


Who Is Roc Jimenez

Roc Jimenez, a close friend of mine, has a background as a ski instructor and mountain bike enthusiast. What connects us is our shared love for photography and videography. We often chat about our creative passions, and during one of these conversations, Roc shared his exciting project.

Currently, Roc is pouring his heart into building his own mountain bike team in Denmark, Voxee Media. 

The Assignment

This project didn’t stem from a client’s request; it began with my desire to experiment with a documentary-style video. Roc, who shares my passion for videography and mountain biking, embraced the idea of creating something centered around this thrilling sport.

Given our busy schedules and ongoing projects, Roc and I opted to shoot everything in a single day. This decision allowed us to veer away from the conventional indoor interview setup and instead capture the essence of mountain biking amidst the natural outdoor backdrop.

Our main challenge that day was the unpredictable weather. Rain showers came and went almost every hour, forcing us to adapt our plans and creatively work around the changing weather conditions. Despite the hurdles, we persevered, driven by our shared enthusiasm for the project.

Afspil video


The final result was a captivating mini-documentary, just under a minute long, that truly delved into Roc’s passion and fascination for mountain biking. It offered an intimate glimpse into Roc’s genuine interest and fervor for the sport.

The video managed to encapsulate Roc’s deep connection with mountain biking, showcasing their enthusiasm, determination, and the sheer joy they found in riding through the rugged terrains.