In Motion

 Maciag x Dresse daFree 

The Assignment

Unlike a normal project we didnt have an client, instead we decided to create a reel and photo for a self chosen client. We choose to create a running ad for cocount water from Cocomax

The concept was having a young athelte train on a running track and at the end get a refreshing and healthy drink for the product


Behind the scenes

We wanted to make our project a bit challenging, so we decided to shoot everything within an hour. We aimed for a short reel and around 8 photos. This approach helped us test our efficiency without pushing our athlete, Piotr, too hard.

Piotr, who isn’t a pro runner, needed breaks to give his best during filming. We filmed at a public running track, so we had to be patient, waiting for other runners and making sure we didn’t film them accidentally. It was all about being practical and respectful of the environment we were in.

A Small Selection

Afspil video